A Local Organization Forms in Detroit to Bring Visibility to Black Womxn Artists on Michigan Stages


CONTACT: Ashley M. Lyle




Detroit, MI - In today’s socio-political climate, everyone is looking for proper representation (rightfully so) in media and entertainment. Michigan, a state that has consistently been a hub of talented individuals, is getting support from one new local organization and their primary focus is Michigan Staged Arts.


Black Literature and Art Queens Network (BLAQN) is a small organization designed to honor and acknowledge black womXn (any female-identifying person) stage performers and their community activism. BLAQN aims to encourage Michigan stages and venues to incorporate more diversity and inclusivity in their line-up of shows.


The idea of the organization came to its creator, Ashley M. Lyle, in 2018 after learning of fellow actresses like herself going the extra mile to help various communities. “I felt that it was a call-to-action. Knowing that these extraordinary women took time out of their extremely busy schedules of learning lines, directing, and performing shows to actively help in the community. They deserve so much more recognition,” said Lyle. “I created BLAQN to let ALL black womxn performers know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. ‘I see you, sis, and I respect everything you do!’ But I also wanted to create an org that encourages theaters and venues to open their eyes and make valiant efforts to include more people of color and more people of various identities.”




Black Literature and Art Queens Network is an organization that honors and acknowledges Black Womxn Stage Performers and their community activism, and promotes diversity in the talented realm of Michigan Performing Arts.


Their belief is that all Black Womxn Stage Performers deserve being honored for selflessly helping others while achieving their passion. They also believe that Michigan stages should be as diverse as the state itself.

​Their Goal is to continue this acknowledgement for years to come and to encourage young Black ladies to be involved more in performing arts and in their communities. Within the next two years, BLAQN aims to have a school program to introduce various staged art to children. Please visit their website: www.BLAQN.org. Follow them on Facebook (@blaqshowmichigan), Instagram (@blaqnshowmichigan), and on Twitter (@BLAQNMI).

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