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Womxn have always been at the forefront of stage performances; making strides and breaking barriers that no one saw coming, particularly black womxn. However, black womxn have also faced more than their fair share of scrutiny, hate, and violence on the stage. Those same womxn have also taken the time and effort to address the pain that black performers were suffering and valiantly helped within their communities.


Times have changed, and now more than ever, more and more black womxn stage performers are taking charge and making names for themselves while still connecting with their communities and honing their crafts. Diversity is still needed across all art forms, and black womxn are still creating those opportunities. This is what BLAQN is all about.


Since beginning in December 2018, Black Literature and Art Queens Network exists to promote black womxn stage performers in various stage art forms, acknowledge their hard work within their communities, and promote diversity in ALL Michigan stage outlets; Theater, Improv/Comedy, Drag, Poetry, Dance, Music, Burlesque, and more.


Ashley M. Lyle

CEO and Founder >

Amber Price

Administrative Assistant >

Dinah Tutein

Ticket and Sales Co-Lead >

Shardai Davis

Event Lead >

Alex Meitz

Stage Manager >

BLAQN Honorary Members

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