BLAQN Makes State-Wide Call For Inclusion and Diversity In Upcoming Pan-Theatre Town Hall Meeting


CONTACT: Ashley M. Lyle



Detroit, MI (August 30, 2019) - We know that Michigan has blessed the country with several talented theatre professionals. Ellen Burstyn, Brian D’Arcy James, David Allen Grier, Courtney B. Vance, just to name a few. However, BLAQN is seeking more than just talent across Michigan Theatre; they seek for more inclusion and diversity. Thusly, the BLAQN Town Hall Meeting came to be.


BLAQN is conducting a Town Hall Meeting for all theatre patrons to discuss how to help Michigan Theatre incorporate more diversity and inclusion within theater season lineups. The Town Hall will be held at Detroit Repertory Theatre on September 28th from 3pm to 4:30pm. This Town Hall welcomes all theaters; community, semi-pro, pro (non-union), pro (union), colleges, universities, and independent. It welcomes theaters from Marquette to Adrian, from Saugatuck to Detroit. This event is Free, and Snacks and water will be provided.


By doing this, BLAQN hopes to bridge gaps within the theater community to create one giant support system of actors, directors, producers, presidents, and managers. And hopefully encourage all patrons to support other theaters outside their “comfort zone”.


“I’ve seen a disparity amongst actors [community, non-union, union] where each specific group of people go to see and support shows within their own group. They don’t venture out. I want them to know they are more than welcome to see, support, and audition for other theaters. And Audiences are the same exact way. I hope to encourage a new way of thinking,” said Ashley M. Lyle, Founder and CEO.


What: BLAQN Town Hall Meeting; (Tickets are available on Eventbrite, via phone at 313-355-0798, or at the door.)


When: September 28th, 2019; 3pm-4:30pm 


Where: Detroit Repertory Theatre, 13103 Woodrow Wilson St, Detroit 48238




Black Literature and Art Queens Network is an organization that honors and acknowledges Black Womxn Stage Performers and their community activism, and promotes diversity in the talented realm of Michigan Performing Arts.


Their belief is that all Black Womxn Stage Performers deserve being honored for selflessly helping others while achieving their passion. They also believe that Michigan stages should be as diverse as the state itself.

​Their Goal is to continue this acknowledgement for years to come and to encourage young Black ladies to be involved more in performing arts and in their communities. Within the next two years, BLAQN aims to have a school program to introduce various staged art to children. Please visit their website: Follow them on Facebook (@blaqshowmichigan), Instagram (@blaqnshowmichigan), and on Twitter (@BLAQNMI).

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