Black Literature and Art Queens Network Graces Detroit With a Panel of Local Black Womxn Performers


CONTACT: Ashley M. Lyle


Detroit, MI (August 29, 2019) - BLAQN is hosting their first panel featuring 5 extraordinary black womxn stage performers discussing their craft, their passion, their impact, and their unique situations involved in their profession. BLAQN’s panel will be held at the infamous Boll Family YMCA (2nd Floor) in Downtown Detroit on September 19th from 6 pm to 8 pm.


The list of panelists includes Lisa McCall (Dancer), Eartha Kitten (Burlesque Performer), Chani the Hippie (Poet/Spoken Word Artist), T. Barb (Comedian), and Casaundra Freeman (Actor). This two-hour event will start off with a half-hour Networking Session for the attendees and the panelists, followed by the Panel for an hour and closing with a half-hour Q&A session. Snacks and water will be provided during the panel.


Audience members will laugh, cry, ponder, and appreciate this wonderful panel filled with knowledge to last them a lifetime. Each panelist has been a professional in their field for years, and have accumulated many stories to keep the attendees entertained for the duration of the panel.


“Michigan is full of talented and selfless people, and that includes Black Womxn. I want more people to know about womxn like these five because it’s often overlooked,” stated Ashley M. Lyle,  Founder and CEO.

“One of my goals for BLAQN is to be that pathway to honoring and acknowledging these five womxn and other womxn like them so we never forget. So that way it never escapes our mind how 'Black Womxn are the most disrespected people in the U.S.' So that way we can easily turn to Black Womxn and say ‘I Got You, Sis. I Respect You, Sis.’”


Immediately following the panel will be the After Hours Panel Mixer held at Detroit Beer Co. Restaurant. There, attendees, panelists, and other guests are free to continue networking and have dinner on their own purchase. This Mixer will be Free for anyone who wants to attend. 


What: BLAQN Performers Panel; An in-depth discussion with black womxn stage performers about the impact they’re making in their communities and the unique experiences they’ve faced.


When: September 19th, 2019; 6pm-8pm (Purchase $5 tickets at Eventbrite, via phone at 313-355-0798, or at the door)


Where: Panel: Boll YMCA DownTown Detroit; 1401 Broadway St., Detroit 48226 | Mixer: Detroit Beer Co. Restaurant (2nd Floor); 1529 Broadway St., Detroit 48226




Black Literature and Art Queens Network is an organization that honors and acknowledges Black Womxn Stage Performers and their community activism, and promotes diversity in the talented realm of Michigan Performing Arts.


Their belief is that all Black Womxn Stage Performers deserve being honored for selflessly helping others while achieving their passion. They also believe that Michigan stages should be as diverse as the state itself.

​Their goal is to continue this acknowledgment for years to come and to encourage young Black ladies to be involved more in performing arts and in their communities. Within the next two years, BLAQN aims to have a school program to introduce various staged art to children. Please visit their website: Follow them on Facebook (@blaqshowmichigan), Instagram (@blaqnshowmichigan), and on Twitter (@BLAQNMI).

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